Founded in 1992 as a supplier of stainless steel and aluminium to the engineering industry. The
company diversified into the manufacturing industry with special emphasis on stainless steels and
mild steels. The management team and staff collectively draw 50 years experience in the industry with various specialists in the field. Our field of expertise and business is the manufacture off staircases and balustrades in stainless steel and mild steel.

We also manufacture to specification almost anything in Stainless Steel and Mild steel.
Our service center is fully equiped.



Manufacture and install stainless steel balustrades to any design and incorporate product such as wood and glass to suit customer requirements.

  * Manufacture staircases in both stainless steel and mildsteel with floating staircases our speciality.
  * Manufacture and install corner protectors in stainless steel and mildsteel.
  * Manufacture cat ladders, walkway"s drain covers and  most anything that can be manufactured in stainless steel and mildsteel.
  * Supply Stainless steel and Mild steel sheet and plate cut and bent to your size.

We also manufacture and supply various items in mildsteel and stainless steel for the construction and food and beverage industry.

Our strenght lies in the versatality of our manufacturing expertise and can accomodate most of our clients special needs.



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